A regularization-based adaptive test for high- dimensional generalized linear models

  • Department seminar at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Statistics. Dec. 2020. Virtual.

  • Department seminar at Washington University Biostatistics. Dec. 2020. Virtual

Novel strategy for disease risk prediction incorporating predicted gene expression and DNA methylation: a multi-phased study of prostate cancer

  • Department seminar at Florida State University School of Medicine. September 2020. Virtual.

  • Invited Presentation at International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) 2021. May, 2021. Virtual.

An adaptive test for high-dimensional generalized linear models with application to detect gene-environment interactions

  • Presentation at ENAR 2019 Spring Meeting. March, 2019. Philadelphia, PA

A powerful fine-mapping method for transcriptome-wide association studies

  • Invited presentation at JSM 2020. August 2020. Virtual.

Multi-trait genome-wide analyses of the brain imaging phenotypes in UK Biobank

  • Platform presentation at ASHG 2019. October 2019. Huston, TX

Complex Disease Risk Prediction via a Deep Learning Method

  • Presentation at JSM 2019. July, 2019. Denver, CO

Integration of methylation QTL and enhancer-target gene maps with schizophrenia GWAS summary results identifies novel genes

  • Oral presentation at IGES 27th Annual Meeting. October 13-16, 2018. San Diego, CA, USA.

Integrating eQTL data with GWAS summary statistics identifies novel genes and pathways associated with schizophrenia

Imaging-wide association study: integrating imaging endophenotypes in GWAS

An adaptive association test for microbiome data

Iterative PCA in epigenome-wide association studies

  • Poster presented at ASHG 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

An adaptive test on high dimensional parameters in GLMs

A gene-level adaptive association test for methylation data

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