Chong Wu

Portrait of Chong Wu 

Chong Wu

Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics
The University of Texas MD Anderson

Research interest: Statistical genetics/genomics, causal inference, integrative analysis, big data, machine learning, and high-dimensional inference.

Curriculum Vitae (Nov 2022)


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Short Bio

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at The University of Texas MD Anderson. Before that, I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Florida State University. Prior to FSU, I was a biostatistics Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota, co-advised by Profs. Weihua Guan and Wei Pan. I received my bachelor's degree in Applied Math from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2013.

I have obtained diverse training and experiences in developing statistical methods and algorithms for analyzing multiple types of genetic and genomic data, including genome-wide association study (GWAS) data, DNA methylation data, and human microbiome data. My work includes gene- and pathway-based association testing, integrative -omics analysis (especially TWAS), new algorithms in clustering, Mendelian randomization, and polygenic risk scores. To practice and facilitate reproducible research, I have developed and currently maintain several software (most in R packages) and their online manuals.

My recent research focuses on developing a new generation of data-driven methods and software to address challenges imposed by big and messy genomics data. Briefly, my research aim at 1) identifying putative causal biomarkers to gain insights into the genetic basis of complex diseases, particularly prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and Alzheimer's, and 2) enhancing risk predictions to advance precision medicine.