We have been very fortunate to be supported by several grants from NIH and Florida State University.

Novel Statistical Methods for Multi-omics Data Integration in Alzheimer's Disease

  • R03 by NIA; Contact PI: Chong Wu; MPI: Jonathan Bradley.

  • 01-01-2021 to 12-31-2022

  • We aim to develop new methods and software for TWAS and apply them to Alzheimer’s disease. See link for details.

Novel Machine Learning Methods for Alzheimer’s Disease

  • The Committee on Faculty Research Support by Florida State University; PI: Chong Wu

  • 05-07-20 to 06-30-20

  • We generated preliminary results for our NIH grant proposal.

Novel Statistical Methods for Transcriptome-wide Association Studies

  • First Year Assistant Professor Grant by Florida State University; PI: Chong Wu

  • 05-08-2019 to 08-06-2019

  • We used this seed grant to produce main results for two TWAS related papers.