I have developed and currently maintain the following software. You can get the latest version from my GitHub repository.

  • prclust: R package that provides two algorithms for fitting the penalized regression-based clustering (PRclust). Please see the paper Wu, Kwon, Shen and Pan, 2016 for details of the procedure.

  • MiSPU: R package that presents a novel global testing method called aMiSPU, that is highly adaptive and thus high powered across various scenarios, alleviating the issue with the choice of a phylogenetic distance. To the best of our knowledge, this method is more powerful than the competing methods. Please see the paper Wu, Chen, Kim and Pan, 2016 for details of the procedure.

  • GLMaSPU: R package that makes it incredibly easy to implement some testing methods under high-dimensional generalized linear models.

  • glmtlp: R package that makes it easy to implement truncated lasso penalty under the generalized linear model framework. This package is similar to glmnet.

  • IWAS: A software for implementing Imaging-Wide Association Studies (IWAS).

  • TWAS: A more powerful gene-based association test to integrate single set or multiple sets of eQTL data with GWAS individual-level data or summary statistics.

  • aSPUpath2: A new method for integrating eQTL data with GWAS summary statistics in pathway-based analysis